About us

AKUN Home was founded in 2020, during a time of global uncertainty and change. The pandemic underscored a universal need for comfort and a sense of belonging in our living spaces. In response, AKUN Home emerged with a mission to create innovative products that cater to the demands of modern lifestyles, transforming spaces into versatile and comforting homes.

Our Roots and Inspiration

AKUN Home was the brainchild of Ahmed and Amera, two founders with deep roots in their Middle Eastern heritage. Their diverse backgrounds and shared passion for enhancing everyday living spaces inspired AKUN’s unique product line. Ahmed and Amera are more than creators—they are artists who view the home as a canvas for expression and comfort.

Ahmed’s Inspiration

Ahmed’s appreciation for the transformative power of interior design drives his vision for AKUN Home. He believes that artful design can turn a home into a sanctuary of beauty and tranquility. Ahmed envisions AKUN Home as a destination that blends artistry with functionality, offering a curated selection of products that enrich living environments.

Amera’s Journey

Amera’s extensive travels have instilled in her a deep appreciation for items that encapsulate the comfort and essence of home. She believes that home is not just a place but a collection of meaningful experiences and cherished items. Amera has been instrumental in developing products that enhance physical comfort while embodying sustainability and adaptability for life’s varied journeys.

Expanding Horizons

Despite our recent entrance into the market, AKUN Home has quickly become a symbol of creativity and quality. We are committed to sustainable practices, ensuring that our designs not only enhance homes but also respect the environment. Our use of eco-friendly materials and processes reflects our dedication to a healthier planet.

Under the leadership of Ahmed and Amera, AKUN Home seeks to redefine home living. Beyond products, the brand is evolving into a platform for self-expression and personal growth, offering services that promote wellness, self-actualization, and a strong sense of community. AKUN Home is more than a brand; it is a lifestyle advocate, dedicated to enriching lives and making every space truly feel like home.

Choosing AKUN Home means opting for a brand that values innovation, quality, and sustainability. We are excited to grow and evolve on our journey to help you create spaces that are uniquely yours and environmentally conscious.

Thank you for considering AKUN Home. Together, let's build beautiful, sustainable living spaces that leave a lasting impression.