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Redefine your living spaces with AKUN Home. We specialize in creating comfortable and elegant environments using only eco-friendly materials. The name AKUN means "to be you," reflecting our mission to design homes that resonate with your individuality and commitment to sustainability. Embrace luxury and eco-conscious living with AKUN Home.

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  • "The Amber candle's deep, resinous scent transforms my space; its reusable cup now serves my morning qahwa, blending elegance with tradition."

    Noora Al Hashimi, Qatar

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  • "The Karak Tea candle is a staple in my home, impressing guests with its comforting aroma. I admire the sustainability of the cups."

    Jassim Al Balushi, Oman

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  • "Intrigued by the sweet-spicy cardamom and relaxing Karak Tea scents, I cherish how they capture our Arabian heritage beautifully."

    Sara Al-Mazrouei, UAE

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  • "Every candle, from Cardamom to Karak Tea, warms my evenings. Offered in three designs, you can choose from elegant gold or sleek silver. Love the gold!"

    Khalid Al-Nawaf, Kuwait

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